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Social Area Brown Bag

11:00 AM; Online

Hilary Bergsieker, University of Waterloo, presents "Rewards of Risky Interdependence for Increasing Interracial Trust."



Teaching, Learning, and Leading Annual Faculty Colloquium #1 - Critical Language Pedagogy

12:00 PM - 1:15 PM; Online

Amanda Godley, Pitt Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and SOE Professor, and Jeffrey Reaser, Professor, Department of English, North Carolina State University, host a discussion on their book "Critical Language Pedagogy: Interrogating Language, Dialects, and Power in Teacher Education."



PIER Edbag

12:00 PM; Online

Anita Delahay presents "Quantitative Skills Across-the-Curriculum & Covid's Impact on Liberal Arts Institutions: Observations from a Field-Based Experience."

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New Publications

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