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Diana Leyva, Psychology, is featured in the May 17, 2020, Positive Parenting news on maintaining children's math and language skills at home

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Lindsay Page, Education, is interviewed for the the May 29, 2020, Washington Post article on students' choice for college in the fall

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Return to Campus Town Hall Webinar

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM; Zoom

Representatives from Student Affairs, Housing/Dining, Health and Wellness, Academics, Welcome Week, and Campus Recreation will be available to help answer questions that you may have for the fall 2020 return. For more information and to register go to https://calendar.pitt.edu/event/return_to_campus_town_hall_webinar#.XzBVXC2ZNPM.



Active Learning with Top Hat

10:00 AM; Zoom

This workshop serves as an introduction to Top Hat’s suite of tools, focusing on the most commonly used functionality and how Top Hat can work in the context of the Flex@Pitt teaching model. For more information go to https://calendar.pitt.edu/event/active_learning_with_top_hat_9293#.XzBU2y2ZNPM.



Equity, Antiracism, and Remote Teaching and Learning Strategies

10:15 AM; Zoom

Presented by the PittEd Justice Collective, this engaging session is for teachers, education leaders, families, and school and community partners preparing to return to school under different spatial circumstances and learning conditions, given the COVID-19 and racism pandemics. For more information go to https://calendar.pitt.edu/event/equity_antiracism_and_remote_teaching_and_learning_strategies#.XzBUQy2ZNPM.

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