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Ten books every teacher should read

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Bringing Words to Life, by Moddy McKeown, Isabel Beck, and Linda Kucan, rated one of "ten books every teacher should read" by The Guardian.

Melissa Libertus and her son

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Assistant professor of psychology Melissa Libertus has always loved math — and she's working to help others love it, too.

IWALS 2018 image

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IWALS 2018, 6th International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences. Perspectives on the Learner: Cognition, Brain, and Education

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CUE Brown Bag Series

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm, 4303 Posvar

The Center for Urban Education will hold a discussion entitled "Supporting Students of Immigrant Communities: A Panel on the Role of Educators and Allies," which will explore how educators of a variety of grade levels and settings can support students and families of immigrant communities.



School of Social Work Open Forum

4:30 pm, 332 Cathedral of Learning

The Office of the Provost has initiated a search for the next Dean of the School of Social Work. As part of this process, the search committee will hold an open forum so that members of the university community can share their input about the next dean. All members of the Pitt community with an interest in the School of Social Work are welcome to attend.



PIER Edbag

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm, 336B Baker Hall, CMU

Amy Shannon will present "My FBE in Burkett Elementary's 4th Grade STEM Classes."

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New Publications

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