Current & Recent Talks



Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Social Room, Mellon Institute

A CNBC Panel will present "What is the Function of the Basal Ganglia?". This panel will focus on the function of the basal ganglia and its role in the learning, control, and generation of behavior. Our speakers will make short presentations and then we will have a moderated discussion followed by an open Q&A. Panelists include Aryn Gittis, Rob Turner, Tim Verstynen, and Eric Yttri, with Wayne Wu as the panel moderator. Afterwards, there will be a CNBC Tea (coffee and snacks). RVSP online at



Department of Neurobiology Presents a Faculty Candidate Seminar

2:00 pm, BST3 6014

Dr. Jones G. Parker, Research Associate, Department of Biology, Stanford University, will present "Using Ca2+ imaging to decipher the neural ensemble signatures of disease". More information at