Current & Recent Talks



University of Pittsburgh Department of Neuroscience

10:00 a.m., 328 Mellon Institute

Melissa Warden, Assistant Professor and Miriam M. Salpeter Fellow, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University, presents "To seek or lee: The Neural Circuits of Approach and Avoidance."



CNUP Defense

1:00 pm, A119B Langley Hall

Meredyth Wegener will present "Impact of Learning and Diet on Two Distinct Populations of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons."



Center for Neuroscience University of Pittsburgh

1:00 pm, A219B Langley Hall

Meredyth Wegener, graduate student, presents "Impact of Learning and Diet on Two Distinct Populations of Midbrain Dopamine Neurons." In partial fulfillment for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy



Summer Colloquium

Noon, Baker Hall, 336B, CMU

Avi Karni, Professor, University of Haifa, presents "Not Just for Kids: A Biological Perspective on Skill Acquisition & the Generation of Long-term Procedural Memory"



University of Pittsburgh Career Building EXPO

12:00 pm - 6 pm, William Pitt Union Ballroom

University of Pittsburgh - Business Operations Career Building EXPO



Systems Neuroscience Institute

2:00 pm, 6014 Biomedical Science Tower 3

Richard Apps, Ph.D., Professor, Neuroscience, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK, presents “Cerebellar Zones and Goal Directed Movements”



Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) Open House

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm, HERL Bakery Square Office Building, 6425 Penn Ave., 4th Floor, Suite 400

Two wheelchairs — one that runs on compressed air and another that climbs curbs — and an app that controls a robotic arm are just a few of the innovations visitors will see firsthand at the HERL open house on Friday, July 28. Members of the media are welcome to attend. The event will allow people to see what researchers are doing to improve the mobility and function of people with disabilities through advanced engineering in clinical research and medical rehabilitation.



PIER Thesis Defense

10:00 am, Gates-Hillman Center 4405, CMU

Erik Harpstead, graduate student, CMU, will present "Projective Replay Analysis: A Reflective Approach for Aligning Educational Games to their Goals."