LRDC Computing Services

We provide technical support and offer several services to the LRDC community. We take pride in the range of services we offer as well as the personal service we deliver. We also act as a liaison to Pitt IT.


A/V Conferencing

Murdoch Conference Rooms

Reserve a Murdoch conference room

Web Conferences

The University offers Microsoft Teams at no cost, to all University of Pittsburgh students, faculty, and staff.

File Storage

LRDC provides a large, multi-terabyte file server for our users, which is accessible both from computers within the building, and also from outside by means of Pitt's VPN service. The LRDC file server is protected by several failsafes including a multiple server cluster for ensuring minimal downtime, multiple RAID levels for data protection, and a comprehensive tape backup system for archiving. Access can be restricted according to the needs of a particular user or group. In order to connect to the LRDC file server, we can provide instructions for users running Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Computing Services also offers local mail backup to a secure server, as the University's Exchange server does not protect email saved locally to a computer's hard drive.

For file server or local mail backup questions, please submit an LRDC help ticket


Setups and Moves

Computing Services maintains a database of all departmental machines in the building. To keep this information up-to-date, we will set up new machines, repurpose and reconfigure existing machines, and retire machines that are no longer needed. Computers are configured to be a part of the LRDC domain with access to LRDC printers and file servers. We will install a standard set of software programs in addition to any other user-specified programs.

Computing Services must be notified of any computer move to allow us to accurately identify all computers and to which network port they belong. Please submit an LRDC help ticket to request a computer move.

Loaner Machines

We maintain a small pool of retired computers used as loaner machines for the use of LRDC faculty and staff. These computers are used for short-term loans - for example, if a new hire orders a computer that does not arrive prior to their start date, we can provide a loaner until it arrives. Also, for visiting scholars, we can provide the loaner for their use until their visit is complete.

These are temporary computers only and are only meant as short-term and fixed-term loaners until a permanent solution can be found.

If you have any questions or are in need of a temporary loaner computer, please submit an LRDC help ticket.

Network / Remote Access

Users who wish to connect to the LRDC network remotely can do so through the university's Secure Remote Access Service. You may need to be granted access for this service. If so, please submit an LRDC help ticket.

Printing / Scanning

Black and White Printing

Each floor in the Murdoch building has one or two networked HP LaserJet printers that Computing Services maintains. Please contact Computing Services if:

  • You need access to the HP LaserJet printers
  • You encounter a printer jam. Please do not try to remove the jam yourself.
  • The printer's LCD screen is displaying an error message. (Please record the message if possible.)
  • A printer is low on toner or out of toner.
  • There is no paper left at the printer.
Color Printing

We have an HP Color LaserJet printer, capable of double-sided printing, and supports up to 11"x17" media. If you need to print in color, please submit an LRDC help ticket. Include the account or project number to charge the cost of printing. Your project will be charged for the cost of materials only.

Large Format / Poster Printing

Our large format printer uses four different types of paper: coated (plain), heavyweight-coated, semi-gloss, and high gloss, each in widths of 24, 36, and 42 inches. Click for a price chart (pdf). We accept 32-digit account numbers and checks as forms of payment. No credit cards or cash.

We ask that you please submit your file one week before you need to pick up the poster.

We can insert a high resolution university seal into your PowerPoint slide before printing. (We are not allowed to distribute the seal.) If you would like to use the seal on your poster, please indicate so in your request. The LRDC wordmarks can be found here.

For more information, or if you are ready to print your poster, please submit an LRDC help ticket.


Computers and Computer Equipment

Computing Services places orders through university-contracted vendors within PantherExpress. If you would like to place an order, you need to have the approval of your project leader and provide an account number for the costs.

University vendors include*: Apple (Education Store), CDWG, Dell, Supra.

*Prices and availability you see online may sometimes differ from the university contract due to factors worked into the contract (i.e. shipping, returns, support, etc...).

To place an order for computers or computer-related equipment, or for a price quote, availability or consultation, please submit an LRDC help ticket.

Office Supplies

To place an order for office supplies, please consult with Mike Laughlin (

Server Administration

Computing Services offers setup and administration for groups in need of servers for research purposes. Servers are housed in an environmentally controlled room with monitoring and backups. Please submit an LRDC help ticket to discuss or request this service.


Software available through the university

Computing Services orders software for departmental machines through the university's Software Licensing Services. We keep record of the purchases, licenses, and renewals. Availability and discount pricing for departments

Academic Courseware for Faculty

Eligible teaching faculty can download academic courseware titles via the Software Download Service at My Pitt ( To access some academic courseware, faculty members need to install a program called KeyAccess (available from the Software Download Service). Academic Courseware for Faculty

Linux Support

Computing Services offers Linux support for your department's needs. Support includes setup, administration, and troubleshooting of desktops/servers. Users requesting administration will be required to allow Computing Services root/sudo access to the machine. Please submit an LRDC help ticket to discuss options or request support.

Non-site-licensed Software

If you need software that is not available through the university, Computing Services will consult with University Purchasing who will review the licensing terms and agreement for the software. Please provide a 32-digit university account number for the purchase, and consult with your project leader for approval.

Software Audit

In conjunction with the University's Internal Audit Department, Computing Services is required to perform a recurring software audit of departmental computers using the LRDC/Pitt Campus network. Each program installed on these computers must have a valid license or a valid proof of purchase. Any program without a license or proof of purchase must be removed from the computer. The LRDC software audit is performed on a recurring basis by Brian Wiedor of Computing Services.

Web Services

Computing Services administers the LRDC website and website database. We provide support for subsites hosted on the LRDC web server. Our support includes but is not limited to access rights, development application configuration, and web statistics. We also provide help and support with web-based surveys. If you have a question, or would like more information, please submit an LRDC help ticket


Anthony Taliani Director of Administration    (412-624-7474)
Jeff Flotta Systems Analyst/Web Developer
Shari Kubitz Senior Systems Analyst/Web Developer
Brian Wiedor Network/Server Administrator