LRDC News and Awards

Kudos to LRDC Senior Scientist Christian Schunn, LRDC Post Doc Nikki Lobczowski (Early Career Scholar), and Alum Matt Bernacki, currently at University of North Carolina School of Education, for recognition as highly productive scholars in educational psychology.    View

September 12, 2022

Pittsburgh’s ‘Neighborly Playground’ for Neuroscience has New Leadership. LRDC's Julie Fiez and Lori Holt, CMU, will co-lead the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (CNBC), a 28-year-old neuroscience research and education neuroscience powerhouse, into its next era.    View

September 6, 2022

Diana Leyva was recently awarded William Penn Foundation grant to work in Philadelphia during 2022-2023. Leyva will pilot “Literacy Eats” an intervention that promotes children’s literacy through cooking classes with adult caregivers.   

August 29, 2022

LRDC Researchers Jamie Hanson and Ming-Te Wang, along with Jaime Booth, Pitt Social Work, recently received an NIMH grant, "Investigating Links Between Racial and Ethnic Discrimination, Neurobiology, and Internalizing Symptomatology."   

August 29, 2022

Jamie Hanson, Assistant Professor, Psychology, recently became an associate editor at the journal, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience.    View

August 29, 2022

Carrie Leana has won the 2022 Organizational Behavior Division of the Academy of Management Award for Societal Impact.    View

August 29, 2022

Ming-Te Wang and Juan Del Toro were featured in the August 2 Huffington Post article "1 in 2 Black Teens Experienced Racism Online In 2020. What Parents Should Know."    View

August 8, 2022

Ming-Te Wang and Juan Del Toro were featured in an August 1 The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education article "University of Pittsburgh Study Detected an Increase in Online Racism Directed at Black Youth," for their recent publication "Online racism and mental health among Black American adolescents in 2020."    View

August 8, 2022

Ming-Te Wang and Juan Del Toro were featured in the July 25 Pittwire feature "1 in 2 Black adolescents faced online racial discrimination in 2020, a Pitt study found" for their recent publication "Online racism and mental health among Black American adolescents in 2020.    View

August 8, 2022

IES grant awarded to Ming-Te Wang and co-investigators Jamie Hanson, Juan Tel Toro, Xu Qin (School of Education) and James Huguley (School of Social Work) for Wang's proposal "COVID-19 Adapted Schooling and Adolescents' Academic and Socio-emotional Adjustment."   

July 11, 2022

Diane Litman, Lindsay Clare Matsumura, and Rip Correnti were among the 2021-2022 awardees of the Learning Engineering Tools Competition Catalyst Prize. The team received the award to create the web-based application "Automated Assessment of Classroom Discussion Quality," that will use natural language processing and machine learning methods to analyze classroom discussion quality.    View

July 12, 2022

Diane Litman and LRDC collaborators Richard Correnti and Lindsay Clare Matsumura were awarded an NSF grant for "Development of Natural Language Processing Techniques to Improve Students' Revision of Evidence Use in Argument Writing." Read the June 2, 2022, Pittwire article about the recent grant here.    View

June 13, 2022

Kevin Ashley was featured in April 20 Pittwire Article ""Pitt Law Professor Kevin Ashley receives CodeX Prize."    View

April 25, 2022

Marc Coutanche was featured in April 18 Pittwire Article "Ace Finals Using these Memory Tricks."    View

April 25, 2022

Omif Fotuhi was featured in Pittwire Article " "How Reflective Writing and a Nudge from an App Increased College Prospects for Low-income Students."    View

April 25, 2022

Drew Gitomer, LRDC Distinguished Alum, and colleagues, are the recipients of the AERA 2022 Educational Palmer O. Johnson Memorial Award." The award is given for an outstanding article, (2022). Assessing the Assessment: Evidence of Reliability and Validity in the edTPA. American Educational Research Journal.    View

April 11, 2022

Juan Del Toro, LRDC Research Associate, was featured in the April 8, 2022, Forbes Magazine article, "Teens More Likely to Skip School After Being Stopped by Police."    View

April 18, 2022

Webinar now available for Marc Coutanche, on the panel of "UFOs and the Stories We Tell About Them," which aired April 7, 2022, 7-8:30 p.m.    View

May 16, 2022

LRDC Graduate Student Brett Bankson was featured in Pitt Magazine's Winter '21-'22 Issue, in an article "Pitt Chat with Brett Bankson." Bankson recently won Bravo's "Top Chef: Amateurs" competition and discussed his cooking advice and some recipes with Pitt Magazine.    View

April 4, 2022

Kudos to Ming-Te Wang and collaborators for receiving a 2022 Seeding Grant Award for "Developing a Holistic Measurement Plan for Transition to Adulthood." This grant provides up to $25,000 per year to support significant and innovative scholarship by individual or small groups of faculty at all ranks at the University of Pittsburgh.    View

March 28, 2022

Kudos to Omid Fotuhi for moving into phase three of the revamped Pitt Seed initiative. His project, Netlfix for Student Services, will receive $2,000, and he will participate in training sessions over the next 10 weeks to learn to navigate logistical problems. He is also co-leading the Pitt Seed Initiative Grant lead by Ann Sinsheimer, School of Law: Fostering Psychological Resilience and Increasing Engagement in Law Students Through Tailored, Targeted, and Well-Timed Interventions.    View

March 28, 2022

Pitt Momentum Scaling Grant: Center for Text Analytic Methods in Legal Studies: Kevin Ashley, School of Law with School of Computing & Information Science colleagues Daqing He, Diane Litman, and Rebecca Hwa; and James Anderson, RAND. Scaling Grants are awarded for a two-year term with an award cap of $ 400,000, enable multi-disciplinary teams to competitively scale their research efforts in targeted pursuit of large-scale external funding.   

March 21, 2022

Congratulations to LRDC Director Charles Perfetti who is the recipient of a 2022 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring for outstanding mentoring of graduate students seeking a research doctoral degree.   

March 14, 2022

Congratulations to Ming-Te Wang, Professor, Education, Psychology, who has received the Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) Mid-Career Award in Research Excellence. The SRA Awards celebrate scholars who exemplify research excellence on any topic related to adolescence.   

March 7, 2022

Ming-Te Wang, Professor, Psychology, Education, and James Huguley, Associate Dean, DEI, School of Social Work, have received a $4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for the "Just Discipline Project: Reducing Racial Disparities and Promoting School Climate." The project will serve approximately 3,200 public school students of color and historically under-served middle school students.    View

February 28, 2022

Pitt Magazine recently featured the demolition of the former LRDC building in their article “Goodbye to an Old Favorite” and featured input from PhD student Erin Gatz and Director of Communications Liz Rangel.    View

February 14, 2022

Congratulations to Kevin Ashley, Professor, Law, and Diane Litman, Professor, School of Computing and Information, who received a $600,000 grant from Amazon and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Fairness in Artificial Intelligence for "Using AI to Increases Fairness by Improving Access to Justice."    View

January 28, 2022

The Developmental and Motivation Research Lab, directed by Ming-Te Wang, Education and Psychology, is featured in APA's Monitor on Psychology.    View

January 18, 2022

Ming-Te Wang, Professor, Education and Psychology, has been named a top-cited education researcher for 2021. Wang joins16 Pitt faculty members recognized as highly influential in their fields, by the UK-based Clarivate.   

December 15, 2021

Hillary Henry and Michael Tumminia, LRDC graduate students, have received the Fall 2021 LRDC Graduate Student Council Award. These winners were chosen by the LRDC Grad Student Council.   

December 1, 2021