LRDC News & Awards

Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman are featured in a Pittwire accolade for the recently awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) FAI: Using AI to Increase Fairness by Improving Access to Justice.    View

February 24, 2021

Jennifer Russell, Professor, Education, and Melissa Libertus, Associate Professor, Psychology were quoted in a February 19 NPR article “Why Kindergarten? Pandemic Disruption Forces Big Questions About U.S. Education System.”    View

February 19, 2021

Ming-Te Wang, Professor, Psychology; Professor, Education; is the recipient of the 2021 Society for Social Work and Research "Excellence in Research Award" for his article titled “Parental Ethnic-Racial Socialization Practices and the Construction of Children of Color’s Ethnic-Racial Identity: A Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis, Psychological Bulletin, 145(5), 437–458.”   

February 15, 2021

Ming-Te Wang has also been awarded the "Distinguished Research Award for Human Development & Learning" from the American Educational Research Award (AERA) for his series of three meta-analytic articles on parental ethnic-racial socialization and youth of color’s developmental outcomes.   

February 15, 2021

Lindsay Page was named in Pittwire accolade as a national scholar of influence, her ranking was announced in the 11th annual 2021 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.    View

February 2, 2021

Jennifer Iriti, Lindsay Page, and Danielle Lowry were featured in a Pittwire accolade for their Pittsburgh Promise grant to conduct an evaluation of the Promise Coaching Initiative.    View

January 29, 2021

Kudos to Kole Norberg and Nabila Jamal-Orzoco who are the recipients of the Fall 2020 LRDC Graduate Student Council Award. The award is designed to support the development of new, innovative, and interdisciplinary research conducted by graduate students within the LRDC by providing funds to enable students to complete their research.   

January 26, 2021

Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman have received a National Science Foundation award titled FAI: Using AI to Increase Fairness by Improving Access to Justice for their research on fairness in artificial intelligence in collaboration with Amazon.    View

January 25, 2021

Chandralekha Singh is featured in Inside Higher ED's article, "Why Flipped Classes Often Flop," discussing what she has learned from students taking classes during the pandemic.    View

January 20, 2021

Brian Galla, LRDC Research Scientist, was the focus of the January 19 Institute for Learning's (IFL) Bridges to Learning feature "Mindfulness in Schools."    View

January 19, 2021

Cynthia Golden, Director, University Center for Teaching & Learning (UCTL), and LRDC Center Associate, was interviewed in the January 17, Inside HigherEd, "Three Questions for Cynthia Golden."    View

January 17, 2021

Kevin Binning, LRDC Research Scientist, and Chandralekha Singh, Director, dB-SERC, and LRDC Center Associate, and their Pitt colleagues, were featured in the January 11 Pittwire article "Student Belonging Exercise Erases Achievement Gaps in Biology, Physics Courses."    View

January 11, 2021

Kudos to Lindsay Page for being ranked 168 out of 200 scholars for shaping educational practice and policy in the 2021 Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings put out by Ed Week.    View

January 6, 2021

Jennifer Iriti, Research Scientist; Lindsay Page, Associate Professor, Education, Research Scientist, and Danielle Lowry, graduate student, Education, were awarded a grant from the Pittsburgh Promise to conduct an evaluation of the new Promise Coaching Initiative in three area high schools.   

January 4, 2021

Graduate Student (KitLab) Alex Silver, psychology, was interviewed on the BBC Radio 4's show "All in the Mind" discussing her recent paper, "When not choosing leads to not liking: Choice-induced preference in infancy," published in Psychological Science. The interview is now available online. Click "Read More" for a description of the guests and topics (Silver's interview is the last eight minutes of the episode).    View

December 8, 2020

Ming-Te Wang, Professor, Education and Psychology, and James Huguley are featured in the Dec. 4 University Times article on the recent Heinz Endowment grant for their Just Discipline Project in the Woodland Hills School District.    View

December 4, 2020

Margaret McKeown, Senior Scientist, Professor Emerita was interviewd on the podcast, Empowering LLs (Language Learners), about robust vocabulary instruction and on the Education Research Reading Room podcast discussing her book Questions the Author.    View

November 2020

Kudos to Marc Coutanche, LRDC Research Scientist, and Assistant Professor, Psychology, who has been elected to the Memory Disorders Research Society (MDRS), an invitation-only professional society dedicated to the study of memory and memory disorders.   

November 2020

Erin Walker, SCI, has been named principal investigator for a National Science Foundation grant to study the use of robots in middle school math classrooms. Her co-principal investigators are Diane Litman, Computer Science, and Timothy Nokes-Malach, Psychology, and Adriana Kovashka, (SCI).    View

November 10, 2020

Kudos to Ming-Te Wang, Education, and James Huguley, Center on Race and Social Problems and School of Social Work, who have received a $500,000 grant from the The Heinz Endowments to support a school discipline program model shown to be successful in the Woodland Hills School District. The Heinz Endowment funding supports their project that builds on research on racialized experiences in school contexts and leverages that scholarship to implement a contextually tailored school discipline and climate program.   

November 2020

Graduate Student (KitLab) Alex Silver's was interviewd on the Curiosity Daily Podcast about her recently published paper, "When not choosing leads to not liking: Choice-induced preference in infancy."    View

November 16, 2020

Kudos to LRDC Research Scientist and Associate Professor, School of Computing and Information (SCI), Erin Walker along with Leshell Hatley on their Google AI 2020 Award for Inclusion Research, for "Developing a Dialouge System for a Culturally-Responsive Social Programmable Robot."   

October 2020

Melissa Libertus, Associate Professor, Psychology, is interviewed for the October 22, 2020, Inverse article "Brain Study Reveals How Much of Math Ability is Genetic." Inverse is a digital media company covering topics such as technology, science, and culture for a millennial audience.    View

October 22, 2020

"The Need to Combat a False Growth Mind-Set," written by LRDC Research Associate Omid Fotuhi was published in the October 21, 2020, on-line Inside Higher Ed.    View

October 21, 2020

Christian Schunn spoke about "Scientific Literacy" as a guest speaker on the first episode of the student led The Pitt Pulse Podcast.    View

October 12, 2020

LRDC Graduate Student Researcher Alex Silver (KitLab) was interviewed for by a BBC Mundo about her recent paper ("When not choosing leads to not liking: Choice-induced preference in infancy"). Linkes here for the article (in Spanish) BBC Mundo and the original press release posted by Johns Hopkins University on their news site, the Hub.    View

October 2020

Amanda Godley, Professor, English Education and Language, Literacy & Culture, and LRDC Center Associate, and co-author Jeff Reaser were awarded the 2020 Richard A. Meade Award from the National Council of Teachers of English for outstanding research in English/language arts teacher development Critical Language Pedagogy: Interrogating Language, Power and Dialects in Teacher Education (2018).   

September 2020

Anthony Taliani, LRDC computer services manager was feature in the September 25 University Times article, "Pitt’s Pandemic Heroes: LRDC Computing Manager had to Keep it Cool." Thank you to Anthony and his team for all their hard work during the COVID era trying to keep the building at a suitable temperature when the air conditioning went out.    View

September 23, 2020

Omid Fotuhi, LRDC Research Associate, presents "Why is Race Hard to Talk about? Insights from Social Psychology on a Social Justice Issue" as a panel member for the “Leadership in a Time of Heightened Racial Tensions: Insights from Social Science on a Social Justice."    View

September 22, 2020

Lindsay Page and her co-author, Alberto Guzman-Alvarez, were cited in Dr. Judith Scott-Clayton's testimony that appeared before the Senate HELP committee on FAFSA simplification.    View

September 17, 2020