Leanne Elliott

Post-Doc, Dr. Libertus

Department of Psychology

Applied Developmental Psychology

Faculty Advisor: Melissa Libertus

Research Interests

Community & Family-based Learning

Related Research Areas

Developmental Processes and Outcomes

Recent Publications

Elliott, L., Bachman, H.J., Pereira, J.C., Coulanges, L., Duong, S., Montue, T., Miller, P., Libertus, M. & Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal. (2022). Self-regulation in toddlers and the emergence of pre-academic disparities. Infant Behavior and Development.

Elliott, L., Votruba-Drzal, E., Miller, P., Libertus, M.E., & Bachman, H.J. (2022)"Unpacking the home numeracy environment: Examining dimensions of number activities in early childhood." Early Childhood Research Quarterly.  

Bachman, H.J., Miller, P.,  Elliott, L.,  Duong, S.,  Libertus, M., & Votruba Drzal, E. (2022). Associations among socioeconomic status and preschool-aged children’s, number skills, and spatial skills: The role of executive function, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology,   Volume 221. 

Silver, A. M., Elliott, L., Reynvoet, B., Sasanguie, D., & Libertus, M. E. (2022). Teasing apart the unique contributions of cognitive and affective predictors of math performance. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.  

Elliott, L., Silver, A., Imbeah, A., Libertus, M. (2022). Actions may speak louder than words: Comparing methods of assessing children’s spontaneous focusing on number. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 214, 105301.

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News and Awards

Andrew Ribner, Alex Silver, Leanne Elliott, and Melissa Libertus were featured in a LRDC brief, "Parent-child Interaction is Important for Effective Early Math Intervention."

September 14, 2022


Alex Silver, Melissa Libertus, and Leanne Elliot were featured in the March 2022 LRDC Research News article "Studying the Cognitive and Affective Predictors of Math Performance."

January 28, 2022


Kudos to Kelsey West, Developmental Psychology, Pitt Department of Psychology, for “Infant Motor Development in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Synthesis and Meta-analysis,” winner of the 2018 Tim Post Award. Leanne Elliot, Applied Developmental Psychology, was the runner up with "Bidirectional, Longitudinal Associations between Math Ability and Approximate Number."

October 8, 2018

Education Week covered a recent paper by Leanne Elliott, Emily Braham, and Melissa Libertus. The article is titled "Does Higher-Level Number Talk Hold Key to Better Math Scores for Young Children?" The paper referenced is "Understanding Sources of Individual Variability in Parents' Number Talk with Young Children."

March 23, 2018


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