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Research Interests

A surge of multi-disciplinary research has demonstrated the increasingly vital importance of non-cognitive factors in predicting long-term success and well-being in myriad important domains, such as health, athletics, and education. Existing research provides strong evidence that the way people react to challenge and interpret early difficulties can have a large effect on long-term success. Most relevant, interventions that redirect maladaptive beliefs about challenges and setbacks can improve persistence, performance, and well-being. My goal in my work is threefold: (1) to identify psychological barriers that interrupt performance and achievement; (2) to design, implement, and evaluate precise psychological interventions to mitigate the limiting effects of psychological vulnerabilities; and(3) to bridge the gap between research and practice in important motivational domains.

College Teaching & Learning Improvement Science

Related Research Areas

Educational Opportunities, Equity, & Attainment Improvement Research in Education

Recent Publications

John-Henderson, N.A., Wright, R.C., Manke, K.J.,& Fotuhi, O., Zuckerman, B., Nally, L., & Mueller, C.M. (2021). The influence of health mindset on perceptions of illness and behaviors among adolescentsInternational Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 28(1)

Osai, E., Campbell, S., Maraj, L., Scott, K., Evans-Williams, J., Fotuhi, O.,& Bañales, J. (2021). Improving educational opportunities for black youth in Pittsburgh: a justice-centered intervention. Pitt Momentum Fund 

Fotuhi, O., Ehret, P. J., Kocsik, S., & Cohen, G. L. (2021). Boosting college prospects among low-income students: Using self-affirmation to trigger motivation and a behavioral ladder to channel it. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Binning, K.R., Kaufmann, N., McGreevy, E.M., Fotuhi, O., Chen, S., Marshman, E., Kalendar, Z.Y., Limeri, L., Betancur, L., & Singh, C. (2020). Changing social contexts to foster equity in college science courses: An ecological-belonging intervention. Psychological Science.

Brown, S., Fotuhi, O., Grijalva, C., Tsai, A., Quesenberry, C., Ritchie, J., Cohen, G., & Ferrara, A. (2019). A randomized study of values affirmation to promote interest in diabetes prevention among women with a history of gestational diabetes. Medical Care.

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News and Awards

Kudos to LRDC Momentum Grant recipients: Josefina Bañales: Anti-Racism Action Development Among Latinx Youth; Jamie Hanson: Understanding the Role of the Brain in Race/Ethnicity Based Stressors and Behavioral Challenges Among Youth of Color; Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman: Center for Text Analytic Methods in Legal Studies; Omid Fotuhi: Improving Educational Opportunities for Black Youth in Pittsburgh: A Justice-Centered Intervention.

June 2021


"The Need to Combat a False Growth Mind-Set," written by LRDC Research Associate Omid Fotuhi was published in the October 21, 2020, on-line Inside Higher Ed.

October 21, 2020


Omid Fotuhi, LRDC Research Associate, presents "Why is Race Hard to Talk about? Insights from Social Psychology on a Social Justice Issue" as a panel member for the “Leadership in a Time of Heightened Racial Tensions: Insights from Social Science on a Social Justice."

September 22, 2020


Omid Fotuhi's work on “Non-Cognitive Skills and Psychological Resilience Training for Students and Faculty” was featured on Pitt's Forge your Own Path website.

March 24, 2020


CMU Dietrich School News article profiles Kevin Binning, Omid Fotuhi, and their CMU colleagues in the September 24 "Conference Assembles Self-Affirmation Researchers"

September 14, 2019


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