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A surge of multi-disciplinary research has demonstrated the increasingly vital importance of non-cognitive factors in predicting long-term success and well-being in myriad important domains, such as health, athletics, and education. Existing research provides strong evidence that the way people react to challenge and interpret early difficulties can have a large effect on long-term success. Most relevant, interventions that redirect maladaptive beliefs about challenges and setbacks can improve persistence, performance, and well-being. My goal in my work is threefold: (1) to identify psychological barriers that interrupt performance and achievement; (2) to design, implement, and evaluate precise psychological interventions to mitigate the limiting effects of psychological vulnerabilities; and(3) to bridge the gap between research and practice in important motivational domains.

College Teaching & Learning Improvement Science

Related Research Areas

Educational Opportunities, Equity, & Attainment Improvement Research in Education

Recent Publications

John-Henderson, N.A., Wright, R.C., Manke, K.J.,& Fotuhi, O., Zuckerman, B., Nally, L., & Mueller, C.M. (2021). The influence of health mindset on perceptions of illness and behaviors among adolescentsInternational Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 28(1)

Osai, E., Campbell, S., Maraj, L., Scott, K., Evans-Williams, J., Fotuhi, O.,& Bañales, J. (2021). Improving educational opportunities for black youth in Pittsburgh: a justice-centered intervention. Pitt Momentum Fund 

Fotuhi, O., Ehret, P. J., Kocsik, S., & Cohen, G. L. (2021). Boosting college prospects among low-income students: Using self-affirmation to trigger motivation and a behavioral ladder to channel it. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Binning, K.R., Kaufmann, N., McGreevy, E.M., Fotuhi, O., Chen, S., Marshman, E., Kalendar, Z.Y., Limeri, L., Betancur, L., & Singh, C. (2020). Changing social contexts to foster equity in college science courses: An ecological-belonging intervention. Psychological Science.

Brown, S., Fotuhi, O., Grijalva, C., Tsai, A., Quesenberry, C., Ritchie, J., Cohen, G., & Ferrara, A. (2019). A randomized study of values affirmation to promote interest in diabetes prevention among women with a history of gestational diabetes. Medical Care.

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News and Awards

LRDC Research Associate Omid Fotuhi was featured in a January 17 Pittwire article "Struggling with your New Year’s resolutions? There’s still hope, say these Pitt experts."

January 23, 2023


Omid Fotuhi was featured in Pittwire Article " "How Reflective Writing and a Nudge from an App Increased College Prospects for Low-income Students."

April 25, 2022


Kudos to Omid Fotuhi for moving into phase three of the revamped Pitt Seed initiative. His project, Netlfix for Student Services, will receive $2,000, and he will participate in training sessions over the next 10 weeks to learn to navigate logistical problems. He is also co-leading the Pitt Seed Initiative Grant lead by Ann Sinsheimer, School of Law: Fostering Psychological Resilience and Increasing Engagement in Law Students Through Tailored, Targeted, and Well-Timed Interventions.

March 28, 2022


Omid Fotuhi was featured in the March 2022 Research News brief "Boosting College Prospects for Low-Income Students."

February 17, 2022


Kudos to LRDC Momentum Grant recipients: Josefina Bañales: Anti-Racism Action Development Among Latinx Youth; Jamie Hanson: Understanding the Role of the Brain in Race/Ethnicity Based Stressors and Behavioral Challenges Among Youth of Color; Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman: Center for Text Analytic Methods in Legal Studies; Omid Fotuhi: Improving Educational Opportunities for Black Youth in Pittsburgh: A Justice-Centered Intervention.

June 2021


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