Esther Palacios-Barrios

Graduate Student, Dr. Hanson

Department of Psychology

Clinical-Developmental Psychology Program

Faculty Advisor: Jamie Hanson

Recent Publications

Palacios-Barrios, E. E., & Hanson, J. L. (2019). Poverty and self-regulation: Connecting psychosocial processes, neurobiology, and the risk for psychopathology. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 90, 52-64.

News and Awards

Esther Palacios-Barrios, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology who also works in the Hanson Lab at LRDC, was featured in the July 15 Pittwire Accolades for her acceptance into the 2019 Ford Foundation Fellowship Program.

August 5, 2019

Congratulations to Esther Esmeralda Palacios-Barrios, mentored by Jaime Hanson, and Shirley Duong, mentored by Melissa Libertus, who were awarded 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships.

April 17, 2019

Kudos to Esther Palacios-Barrios, graduate student of Jamie Hanson, who was recently awarded a Ford Foundation Fellowship.

March 25, 2019


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