Anna Chrabaszcz

Research Associate, Dr. Fiez

Department of Psychology

Cognitive Program

Faculty Advisor: Julie Fiez

Research Interests

I adopt an interdisciplinary approach to study normative and nonnormative aspects of language processing at different levels of linguistic analysis (phonetic, lexical, morphosyntactic). Using behavioral, eye-tracking, and neurophysiological methods, I am interested in identifying where and why break-downs in real-time language processing occur, as well as in elucidating the mechanisms that allow language users of nonnormative populations (bilinguals, young children, individuals with language impairment) to overcome such difficulties.

Cognitive Neuroscience Reading Processes

Related Research Areas

Cognitive & Neural Foundations of Learning Reading & Language

Recent Publications

Bush, A., Chrabaszcz, A., Peterson, V., Saravanan, V., Dastolfo-Hromack, C., Lipski, W. J., & Richardson, R. M. (2022). Differentiation of speech-induced artifacts from physiological high gamma activity in intracranial recordings. NeuroImage,

Chrabaszcz, A., Wang, D., Lipski, W.J., Bush, A., Crammond, D.J., Shaiman, S., Dickey, M.W., Holt, L.L., Turner, R.S., Fiez, J.A., Richardson R.M. (2021). Subthalamic nucleus and perisylvian cortical regions differentially encode lexicality during a reading aloud task. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 60.

Chrabaszcz, A., Onishchik, E., and Dragoy, O. (2021). Isomorphism in sentence comprehension: Comparison of processing strategies in bilingual heritage speakers and monolingual children and adults. Second Language Research.

Edeleva, J., Chrabaszcz, A., and Demareva, V. (2020). Resolving conflicting cues in processing of ambiguous words: The role of case, word order and animacy. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 73(8), 1173–1188.

Gor, K., Chrabaszcz, A., and Cook, S. (2019). A case for agreement: Processing of case-inflected nouns by early and late learners. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 9(1), 6-41.

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