Sudhir Pathak

Research Associate, Schneider Lab

Research Interests

Imaging Methods

Related Research Areas

Cognitive & Neural Foundations of Learning

Recent Publications

Jha, R.R., Gupta, H., Pathak, S.K., Schneider, W., Kumar, B.V.R., Bhavsar, A., & Nigam, A. (2021). "Enhancing HARDI reconstruction from undersampled data via multi-context and feature inter-dependency GAN." EEE 18th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 1103-1106.

Yoshino, M. Abhinav, K. Yeh, F.-C., Panesar, S., Fernandes, D., Pathak, S., Gardner, P. A., & Fernandez-Miranda, J. C. (2016). Visualization of cranial nerves using high-definition fiber tractography. Neurosurgery.

Alhourani, A., Wozny, T. A., Krishnaswamy, D., Pathak, S. Walls, S. A., Ghuman, A. S., Krieger, D. N., Okonkwo, D. O., Richardson, R. M., & Niranjan, A. (2016). Magnetoecephalography-based identification of functional connectivity network disruption following mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(4), 1840-1847.

Guise, C., Fernandes, M. M., Nóbrega, J. M., Pathak, S., Schneider, W., & Fangueiro, R. (2016). Hollow polypropylene yarns as a biomimetic brain phantom for the validation of high-definition fiber tractography imaging. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8(44), 29960-29967.

Presson, N., Krishnaswamy, D., Wagener, L., Bird, W., Jarbo, K., Pathak, S., Puccio, A. M., Borasso, A., Benso, S., Okonkwo, D. O., & Schneider, W. (2015). Quantifying white matter structural integrity with high-definition fiber tracking in traumatic brain injury. Military Medicine, 180(3S), 122-134. 

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News and Awards

Kudos to Walter Schneider and Sudhir Pathak, members of the team that received the Best Demo Award at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management for "HealthDist: A Context, Location and Preference-Aware System for Safe Navigation."

June 17, 2021


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