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Associate Director, UPCLOSE

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Pittwire article "Research Team Sparks Community Conversation about Climate Change, "features the community outreach of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Learning in Out of School Environments (UPCLOSE) Director Kevin Crowley, Associate Director Karen Knutson, research associate Mary Ann Steiner, and undergrad anthropology team member Sean Barill.

March 2, 2020


The Philadelphia-based William Penn Foundation has awarded nearly $1.6 million to renew the Informal Learning Initiative, a two-year collaboration of organizations that includes the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Learning in Out-of-School Environments (UPCLOSE).

September 4, 2019


Kevin Crowley, Karen Knutson, and their collaborators at the Carnegie Museum of have been awarded a grant from the Spencer Foundation for their project " The 21st Century Naturalist: A Research-practice Collaboration for Informal Science Education." The grant will expand their joint work on bringing museum resources to the public in informal learning environments and develop new nature-based learning opportunities.

February 2016


Board member, Visitor Studies Association


Presentation to panel on the Future of Libraries and Museums in the 21st Century. at the National Academies, Expertise and experience: Museums, a place for talk.


Institute of Library and Museum Services (IMLS)

Presentation to the Board of Informal Science Education at the National Academies, Perspectives on research on learning in informal environments.


National Research Council

Roy L. Shafer Leading Edge Award, Association of Science and Technology Centers award for innovative professional practice for the UPCLOSE partnership with the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.


Met Life Promising Practice award from the Association of Children's Museums, for innovative business practices, awarded to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and UPCLOSE


Co-Chair, Visitor Studies Association Annual Conference


Co-chair Division C4b Out of School Learning Environments, annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association