Christina Scanlon

Post-Doc, Dr. Wang

Recent Publications

Wang, M.T., Henry, D.A., Scanlon, C.L. Del Toro, J., & Voltin, S.E. (2022) Adolescent psychosocial adjustment during COVID-19: an intensive longitudinal study. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology.

Wang, M.T.,  Scanlon, C.L., Del Toro, J., & McKellar, S.E. (2022) Reducing suspension for minor infraction and improving school climate perceptions among black adolescents via cultural socialization: A multi-informant longitudinal study. Learning and Instruction, Volume 80. 

Wang, M.T., Scanlon, C.L., Hua, M., Belmont, A.M., Zhang, A.L., & Del Toro, J. (2021). Social distancing and adolescent psychological well-being: the role of practical knowledge and exercise. Academic Pediatrics.

Wang, M, Henry, D.A., Del Toro, J., Scanlon, C.L., & Schall, J.D. (2021). COVID-19 employment status, dyadic family relationships, and child psychological well-being.  Journal of Adolescent Health.

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