Kevin Ashley

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Graduate Program in Intelligent Systems

Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law

Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Education and Training

PhD, University of Massachusetts

Research Interests

My research interests in Learning, Law and Computer Science are to:

  1. Develop computational models of case-based reasoning (CBR) in domains like law and practical ethics as an intellectual methodology for better understanding comparative evaluation with cases and principles and as a basis for intelligent computer systems to educate students and assist practitioners.
  2. Develop case-based and analogical reasoning as alternative techniques for representing and acquiring knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs.
  3. Identify and analyze special legal problems posed by computer technology in such areas as intellectual property, commercial law, product liability, technology licensing, computer crime and privacy.

Artifical Intelligence Causal Reasoning Intelligent Tutoring Systems Legal Reasoning Memory

Related Research Areas

Learning Technology Reasoning, Decision Making, & Argumentation

Recent Publications

Xu, H., Savelka, J., & Ashley, K.D. (2021). Toward Summarizing Case Decisions via Extracting Argument Issues, Reasons, and Conclusions. ICAIL '21: Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Šavelka, J. & Ashley, K. (2021). Legal information retrieval for understanding statutory terms. Artificial Intelligence and Law.

Ashley, K., Litman, D., He, D., Hwa, R., & Anderson, J. (2021). Center for text analytic methods in legal studies. In: Pitt Momentum Fund 2021.

Savelka, J., & Ashley, K. (2021). Discovering explanatory sentences in legal case decisions using pre-trained language models. Association for Computational Linguistics.

Xu, H., Šavelka, J., & Ashley, K.D. (2020). Using argument mining for legal text summarization. Legal Knowledge and Information Systems, 334, 184-193.

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News and Awards

Congratulations to Kevin Ashley, Professor, Law, and Diane Litman, Professor, School of Computing and Information, who received a $600,000 grant from Amazon and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Fairness in Artificial Intelligence for "Using AI to Increases Fairness by Improving Access to Justice."



Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman have received a grant from the joint Amazon and National Science Foundation Fairness in Artificial Intelligence program to support their project, "Using AI to Increase Fairness by Improving Access to Justice."

November 16, 2021


Kudos to LRDC Momentum Grant recipients: Josefina Bañales: Anti-Racism Action Development Among Latinx Youth; Jamie Hanson: Understanding the Role of the Brain in Race/Ethnicity Based Stressors and Behavioral Challenges Among Youth of Color; Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman: Center for Text Analytic Methods in Legal Studies; Omid Fotuhi: Improving Educational Opportunities for Black Youth in Pittsburgh: A Justice-Centered Intervention.

June 2021


Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman are featured in a Pittwire accolade for the recently awarded National Science Foundation (NSF) FAI: Using AI to Increase Fairness by Improving Access to Justice.

February 24, 2021


Kevin Ashley and Diane Litman have received a National Science Foundation award titled FAI: Using AI to Increase Fairness by Improving Access to Justice for their research on fairness in artificial intelligence in collaboration with Amazon.

January 25, 2021


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