Katherine Martin

Associate Professor, Linguistics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Visiting Scholar, Drs. Tokowicz & Perfetti

Education and Training

PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests

My research focuses on second language literacy development, particularly the influence of writing system on word recognition and spelling; vocabulary learning; and the influence of individual differences such as working memory, phonological awareness, and foreign language anxiety. While at Pitt, I will be working on a project that uses eye-tracking data to examine English reading processes (reading speed, perceptual span) and word recognition (using lexical priming) among readers who are users of English as a second language.

2nd Language Learning Bilingualism Comprehension Interventions Learning & Memory Memory Reading Processes

Related Research Areas

Reading & Language

Recent Publications

Kane, M. B., & Martin, K. I. (In Press). Teaching EFL Reading in Senegal: Current Practices and Recommendations. Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Martin, K. I., & Juffs, A. (2021). Eye-tracking as a window into assembled phonology in native and non-native reading. Journal of Second Language Studies, 4, 66-95.

Martin, K. I., & Tokowicz, N. (2020). The grammatical class effect is separable from the concreteness effect in language learning. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition, 23, 554-569.

Martin, K. I., Lawson, E., Carpenter, K., & Hummer, E. (2020). English word and pseudoword spellings and phonological awareness: Detailed comparisons from three L1 writing systems. Frontiers in Psychology, 11(1309). doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2020.01309.

Martin, K. I. (2017). The impact of L1 writing system on ESL knowledge of vowel and consonant spellings. Reading and Writing: An International Journal, 30, 279-298.

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