Angela Stewart

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Computer Science

Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Education and Training

PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder

Research Interests

Dr. Stewart's work sits at the intersection of education, artificial intelligence (AI), and human computer interaction (HCI). She investigates creation of educational technologies that support the agency of learners and teachers, towards the goal of creating more equitable, inclusive educational spaces

Artificial Intelligence Computer-supported Collaboration Minoritized Groups Robotic Learning Environments

Related Research Areas

Educational Opportunities, Equity, & Attainment Learning Technology

Recent Publications

Pugh, S.L, Rao, A.R., Stewart, A.,& D’Mello, S.K. Do speech-based collaboration analytics generalize across task contexts? Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge, LAK '22.

Hutt, S., Stewart, A., Gregg, J., Mattingly, S.M., & D’Mello, S.K. Breaking free from the lab: Feasibility of longitudinal eye-gaze tracking in the workplace. Proceedings of the13th ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications, ETRA ’22.

Solyst, J., Axon, A., Stewart, A., Eslami, M., & Ogan, A. Investigating Middle School Girls’ Perspectives and Knowledge Gaps on Ethics and Fairness in Artificial Intelligence in a Lightweight Workshop. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of the Learning Sciences, ICLS 2022.

Jaemarie Solyst, Tara Nkrumah, Angela E.B. Stewart, Amanda Buddemeyer, Erin Walker, and Amy Ogan. (2022) Running an Online Synchronous Culturally Responsive Computing Camp for Middle School Girls. Proceedings of the 27th Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education.

Amanda Buddemeyer, Jennifer Nwogu, Jaemarie Solyst, Erin Walker, Tara Nkrumah, Amy Ogan, Leshell Hatley, & Angela E.B. Stewart. (2022). Unwritten Magic: Participatory Design of AI Dialogue to Empower Marginalized Voices. <I> Proceedings of the 2022 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good, GoodIT 2022.</I>

News and Awards

Angela Stewart was featured in the University Times article, "New to Pitt: SCI Professor focuses on underserved communities."

November 7, 2022


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