Christian Schunn

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center


Education and Training

PhD, Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests

  • STEM learning
  • Peer interaction and instruction
  • Engagement and learning
  • Improvement science for education reform

College Teaching & Learning Discipline-based Education Research Education Reform Educational Achievement Improvement Science Interventions Motivation Research/Practice Partnerships Science Learning & Instruction

Related Research Areas

Educational Opportunities, Equity, & Attainment Improvement Research in Education Motivation & Engagement Reasoning, Decision Making, & Argumentation STEM

Recent Publications

Zong, Z., Schunn, C.D. & Wang, Y. (2022). Do experiences of interactional inequality predict lower depth of future student participation in peer review? Computers in Human Behavior.  

Malespina, A., Schunn, C.D., & Singh, C. (2022). Whose ability and growth matter? Gender, mindset and performance in physics. IJ STEM Ed.

Kalender, Y., P Marshman, E., Schunn, C., Nokes-Malach, T. J., & Singh, C. (2022). Framework for unpacking students’ mindsets in physics by gender. Physical Review Physics Education Research , 18, 010116.

Kiselyov, K., & Schunn, C.D. (2022) Storytelling as a tool to enhance conceptual knowledge in cell biology. Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education.

Wu, Y., & Schunn, C. D. (2022). Assessor writing performance on peer feedback: Exploring the relation between assessor writing performance, problem identification accuracy, and helpfulness of peer feedback. Journal of Educational Psychology.

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News and Awards

Kudos to LRDC Senior Scientist Christian Schunn, LRDC Post Doc Nikki Lobczowski (Early Career Scholar), and Alum Matt Bernacki, currently at University of North Carolina School of Education, for recognition as highly productive scholars in educational psychology.

September 12, 2022


Christian Schunn and Yong Wu's research on "Using Peer Feedback in High-School Writing Classes" featured in May 24 Mashall Memo, a weekly roundup of important ideas and research in K-12 education

May 24, 2021

Christian Schunn spoke about "Scientific Literacy" as a guest speaker on the first episode of the student led The Pitt Pulse Podcast.

October 12, 2020


Christian Schunn and Paulette Vincent-Ruz, along with their co-authors, were mentioned in The Hechinger Report's article, "A Study on Teaching Critical Thinking in Science," based on their study, "Scientific Sensemaking Supports Science Context Learning Across Disciplines and Instructional Contexts."

January 13, 2020


Paulette Vincent Ruz, Eben Witherspoon, and Chris Schunn's paper, "When Making the Grade Isn’t Enough: The Gendered Nature of Pre-med Science Course Attrition" is mentioned in the May 2 Chronicle of Higher Ed online article, " How a Math Class Sparked Students’ Engagement in Their Community" under the heading "Why Women Leave Pre-med."

May 2, 2019


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