Walter Schneider

Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Executive Committee Member, Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

Senior Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center


Education and Training

PhD, Indiana University

Research Interests

  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Cognitive control
  • Semantic representation
  • Attention and automaticity
  • Skill acquisition
  • Connectionist/hybrid modeling
  • Brain imaging
  • Brain activity interpretation

Cognitive Neuroscience Imaging Methods Learning & Memory

Related Research Areas

Cognitive & Neural Foundations of Learning Learning Technology

Recent Publications

Jha, R.R., Kumar, B.V.R., Pathak, S.K., Schneider, W., Bhavsar, A., & Nigam, A. (2023.) Undersampled single-shell to MSMT fODF reconstruction using CNN-based ODE solver. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine.

Bhat, S. B., Kumar, B.V.R., Kalamkar, S.R., Kumar, V., Pathak, S., & Schneider, W. (2022).  Modeling and simulation of the potential indoor airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus through respiratory droplets. Physics of Fluids

Jha, R.R.,  Pathak, S.K., Nath, V., Schneider,  W., Kumar,  B.V.R., Bhavsar, A., &  Nigam, A. (2022). VRfRNet: Volumetric ROI fODF reconstruction network for estimation of multi-tissue constrained spherical deconvolution with only single shell dMRI. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Volume 90, 1-16. 

 Pathak, S., Wu, Y.,  Gorantla, V.,  Zor, F., Kulahci, Y.,  Watson, A.,  Zhao, Y., & Schneider, W. (2022).  Fasciculus axonal connective tissue (FACT) mapping of porcine optic nerve for accurate connectome mapping.  Poster Presentation, ISMRM Conference, London, England.

Pathak, S.K., Wu, Y.L., Gorantla, V.S., Zor, F., Kulahci, Y., Watson, A., Zhao, Y. & Schneider, W.(2022) Fasciculus Axonal Connective Tissue (FACT) Mapping of Porcine Optic Nerve for Accurate Connectome Mapping at Viable Cost. Poster Presentation at ISMRM Conference, London,England. 

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News and Awards

Kudos to Walter Schneider and Sudhir Pathak, members of the team that received the Best Demo Award at the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management for "HealthDist: A Context, Location and Preference-Aware System for Safe Navigation."

June 17, 2021


Kudos to Walter Schneider and his team for receiving the Best Industry and Application Paper Award for "A Context, Location and Preference-Aware System for Safe Pedestrian Mobility."

June 16, 2021


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