Laurie Speranzo

Research Associate, IFL Fellow, IFL

Research Interests

Laurie Speranzo, a mathematics fellow for the Institute for Learning (IFL), works in districts with elementary and middle school math teachers, math supervisors, and math coaches. She designs and delivers professional development, and she writes curriculum materials. See Laurie Speranzo’s full bio.

Mathematics Learning & Instruction

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Recent Publications

Stein, M.K., Russell, J.L., Bill, V., Correnti, R., & Speranzo, L. (2021). Coach learning to help teachers learn to enact conceptually rich, student-focused mathematics lessons. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.

Russell, J.L., Correnti, R., Stein, M.K., Thomas, A., Bill, V. & Speranzo, L. (2020). Mathematics Coaching for Conceptual Understanding: Promising Evidence Regarding the Tennessee Math Coaching Model. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis.

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