Kevin Binning

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Kevin Binning

Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychology

Research Scientist, Learning Research & Development Center

Research Interests

Most of my research seeks to understand social psychological problems in two topical areas: politics and education. I am especially interested in issues such as educational achievement, partisanship, and organizational engagement, and I explore how people's behavior in these domains is shaped, in part, by their subjective understandings of themselves and their social environment. My research aims to understand social behavior with an eye toward strategies to change behavior in socially constructive ways.

Wang, M.T., Binning, K.R., Del Toro, J., Qin, X., & Zepeda, C.D. (2021). Skill, thrill, and will: The role of metacognition, interest, and self-control in predicting student engagement in mathematics learning over time. Child Development, 92 (1).

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Binning, K.R., Wang, M. & Amemiya, J. (2019). Persistence mindset among adolescents: Who benefits from the message that academic struggles are normal and temporary? Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

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Kevin Binning, LRDC Research Scientist, and Chandralekha Singh, Director, dB-SERC, and LRDC Center Associate, and their Pitt colleagues, were featured in the January 11 Pittwire article "Student Belonging Exercise Erases Achievement Gaps in Biology, Physics Courses."

January 11, 2021


Kudos to Kevin Binning, a recipient of a 2020 Pitt Seed Grant for "Using Administrative Data to Measure Teaching Effectiveness."

July 2020

The Computing Research Association published Jane Margolis, Joanna Goode, and Kevin Binning's Op-Ed "Exploring Computer Science: Active Learning for Broadcasting Participation in Computing."

November 2019


Kevin Binning, Erica McGreevy, and Chandralekha Singh were the recipients of the 2019 Provost’s Award for Diversity in the Curriculum, recognized for incorporating a new “belonging intervention” into introductory courses, which resulted in improved grades for all students. The intervention aimed to address gender and racial gaps, and it is now part of the standard curriculum in the classes in which it was introduced.

November 20, 2019


Kudos to Kevin Binning, Erica McGreevy, and Chandralekha Singh as recipients of the 2019 Provost’s Award for Diversity in the Curriculum.

November 13, 2019

CMU Dietrich School News article profiles Kevin Binning, Omid Fotuhi, and their CMU colleagues in the September 24 "Conference Assembles Self-Affirmation Researchers"

September 14, 2019


Kevin Binning, Psychology, received a Course Transformation Award for his project, “Developing and Testing a Classroom-based Social-belonging Intervention to Address the Effects of Stereotype Threat on Female Physics Students.”

September 11, 2017

Tim Nokes-Malach, with colleagues, has been awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for "Build, Understand, & Tune Interventions that Cumulate to Real Impact." This interdisciplinary project includes LRDC researchers Christian Schunn, Benjamin Rottman, Kevin Binning, and Center Associates Chandralekha Singh and Elizabeth Votruba-Drzal and other Pitt faculty across the disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics.

August 21, 2015


Kevin Binning and coauthors have won the Robert B. Cialdini Award which recognizes the publication that best "explicates social psychological phenomena principally through the use of field research methods and settings and that thereby demonstrates the relevance of the discipline to communities outside of academic social psychology within a given year” for their paper "Deflecting the trajectory and changing the narrative: How self-affirmation affects academic performance and motivation under identity threat.

October 2014

New Faculty Kevin Binning and Scott Fraundorf were featured on page 2 and Lindsay Page on page 4 in the "What's New at Pitt: People" section in the August 28 issue of the University Times.

August 2014