Marguerite (Maggie) Walsh

Post-Doc, Dr. Matsumura

School of Education

Learning Sciences and Policy

Faculty Advisor: Lindsay Clare Matsumura

Research Interests

Literacy Coaching

Related Research Areas

Reading & Language

Recent Publications

Correnti, R., Matsumura, L.C, Walsh, M., Zook-Howell, D., Bickel, D.D. & Yu, B. (2020). Effects of online content-focused coaching on discussion quality and reading achievement: Building theory for how coaching develops teachers' adaptive expertise. Reading Research Quarterly.

Walsh, M., Matsumura, L.C., Zook-Howell, D., Correnti, R., & Bickel, D.D. (2020). Video-based literacy coaching to develop teachers' professional vision for dialogic classroom text discussions. Teaching and Teacher Education, 89.

Correnti, R.,  Matsumura, L.C., Witherspoon, E., Walsh, M., Schunn, C., & Stein, M.K. Examining coaching conversations in mathematics and literacy for evidence of teacher learning. In proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (Accepted ICLS ’20).

Zook-Howell, D., Matsumura, L.C., Walsh, M.W., Correnti, R., & Bickel, D.D. (2020). Developing adaptive expertise at facilitating dialogic text discussions. Reading Teacher.  

Correnti, R., Zook-Howell, D., Matsumura, L.C., & Walsh, M. Literacy Coaching for Dialogic Text Discussions: Designing Online Experiences. In proceedings of the 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (Accepted ICLS ’20).

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